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Produit d'appel en vitrine !

Year 2012 starts at warp speed !

Indeed, since yesterday january 1st, Produit d'appel, my translation of Simon Hayne's short story Loss Leader, is available in the Kindle store at Amazon France, but also at Amazon UK for readers from over the Channel and Amazon US pour those over the Pond among others1 !

Produit d'appel is a short story (10 000 words in French): only electronic format made it possible to publish it alone, and only Simon's kindness and keenness maide it possible to publish it at all.

It tells about the flight of the first colony ship from Earth, while progressively the crew discover how deeply this venture has suffered from human pragmatism...

An extract is available for free on the product page. :)

No need to have a Kindle to read the extract or the whole story : Free Kindle applications can do it too, on an iPad, iPhone, Mac or Windows but not on the Cloud Reader, which cannot read contents bought on by French customers :(

If you have a Linux PC, use Wine (Winetricks to install the vc2008 runtime) and install the Kindle For PC application...

1 Readers from over the atmosphere will have to wait until the launch of Amazon Solar System, although I suspect they'll give it another name.