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Submitted by Albert on Tue, 27/12/2011 - 10:23am

If one will, out of kindness, ignore my activity from 1983 to 1991 within Wanted, the students' journal at the INSAT (and by 'students', I do mean it was not only made for, but first and foremost by, students...) I have published five stories during the second half of the nineties. Around 1995, I discovered the French science-fiction fandom, which was essentially realized on painted dead wood then. I yearned to write; I found the nerve to send some of my texts to fanzines, and I was lucky enough that some editors, amateurs in the noblest sense, accept them. There was, in order of publication:

  • "Le bienfaiteur" (The Benefactor), in Dragon et Microchips n° 11, 1996, Editions l'Oeil du Sphinx;
  • "Comment les Seirangs n'envahirent pas la Terre grâce au Général Coleman" ('How the Seirangs did not invade Earth thanks to General Coleman'), in Chimères n° 35, 1997, édité par Josiane Kiefer ;
  • "Sauve qui peut !" ('Every man for himself!'), in Gamète n° 0, 2000, édité par Claude Dumont.

Then Philippe Heurtel offered me to contribute a short story for a science-fiction anthology; that was the first, and to date the last, text for which I received flat payment, in the form of a cheque which I dutifully neglected to cash in, because if I had, then I would not have been able to have it framed along with the letter which was attached to it. :)

And in 2010 took place a collective project held together by the Atelier de Création Littéraire : since we have been cross-commenting our texts for so long, we thought it would be nice to put some of these texts together, however varied in genre, style or form, because difference is what creates value.

  • "Les Spatiaux", in Voyages en Adécélie, Edité par l'Atelier de Création Littéraire, 2010, chez Lulu ou chez TheBook.

I also produced a number of short texts, unpublished, often the result of a theme proposal at the Atelier de Création Littéraire. You can currently discover:

  • Empathie, written on the theme of "Short encounters". Past, present, future, dreamt... Prose, poetry, long, short...

Clickable titles will bring you to the French text of the corresponding stories, which I reproduce on this site with kind permission from their original editors. They are distributed under Creative Commons by-nc-nd, (in other words, you have the right to redistribute them but you cannot modify them, you must attribute them to me, and you must do so for free), plus you must also mention the original edition and you are free to convert the whole text to any format you see fit provided it has no copy restriction mechanisms. If these conditions are incompatible with a project of yours contact me. Regarding Les Spatiaux, you will only find them in Voyage, of course.