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Hal Spacejock se pose en France !

At last... The invasion begins !

Native english readers already thought so, but they now have confirmation: Hal Spacejock, hero of Simon Hayes's eponymous series, knows some French! There may not be much rejoicing, though, for even with a simple utterance, Hal can cause the worst catastrophes.

No-one knows how Hal Spacejock, the most incompetent pilot in known Space, has become the captain of the Black Gull,  probably the last Rigel class freighter in the universe -- which explains its state. If it has not already sublimated in mid-flight, it may be because of Navcom, the ship's computer; and it it does not in this adventure, I might be with the help of Clunk; the soon-to-retire robot sent to assist Hal in a dangerous delivery across a true ammo war exercise area, tracked down by his client's competitor and a single-minded debt collector both intent on laying their hands on the Gull...

... and all this, now for the first time, for the benefit of readers who would like to dust-up their French. :)

French translation available as e-book only (for now...) at Smashwords and Amazon (a FREE extract is available on the Amazon product page!).

Original english version at Smashwords (e-book, many formats) and Amazon (Kindle e-book and printed formats).