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Submitted by Albert on Mon, 26/12/2011 - 12:23pm

Welcome! You don't really know why you ended up on this website? Fair's fair: I don't really know why I created it either :)
That being said, in case you were specifically looking for something, you might possibly find it below :

  • Did you hear about an initiative to host a Worldcon in France somewhere in the coming twenties?
  • Or are you interested in my writings ou my translations?
  • Now if you want English, you can have some... about my activities in open source software, mostly U-Boot.
  • If you are after some information on privacy of personal communications on the Internet, why not go there? But again, that's rather specific to French laws... and not translated either.
  • For anything else, just rummage around on this site ou that one (although I am progressively pulling its content in here) or yet that other one!

Past activities:

  • I was a member (and for some time a moderator) of the Atelier de Création Littéraire (Litterary creation workshop) aka ADCL, aka ADCLit. Here is a summary presentation but note that the Atelier is in deep sleep for the foreseeable future.